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Unlocking Techniques for Incredible Portraiture Shots

Taking a great portrait photo is all about capturing a subject’s personality. Every subject is different – each has a unique style, mood, physique and level of confidence, amongst many other traits. It is then up to the photographer to capture moments that bring out the best in the subject.

A good portrait can convey powerful feelings and forge a connection between the subject and the viewer. To achieve this, a photographer needs to get to know the subject as well as possible in a limited timeframe. Through rapport-building actions such as chatting, joking and laughing, a photographer can make subjects feel comfortable enough to express their true personalities and genuine emotions in front of the camera.

Of course, shooting flattering portraits also requires the right technical skills such as lighting, composition, positioning and more. Meet Nikon School Instructor and professional wedding photographer Bryan Foong, and discover new tips and tricks for taking better portraits!

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