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Capturing Creative Architecture with Ading Attamimi

The most fascinating part about architectural photography is the abundance of lines, patterns, shapes and symmetry of buildings. Every piece of architecture comes with infinite possibilities. A good photographer will be able to discover and bring out a structure’s most unique features and translate them into stunning imagery. When you take the time to suss out the best perspectives, lighting and surrounding area of the chosen building, you can make every frame a masterpiece.

Cities are wonderful playgrounds for architectural photographers, especially in Singapore, where there is a delightful blend of historical buildings and stunning modern architecture. Step into any part of the island and a wealth of photography subjects – whether it is a towering skyscraper in the Marina Bay Financial Centre; a shophouse in Chinatown; or a colonial building in City Hall – welcomes you.

Take your architectural snaps to the next level. Follow Ading Attamimi, Nikon School Instructor and a travel photographer based in Melbourne, Australia around Singapore as he tells you how to make buildings around you come alive through photography.

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