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In Session with Nikon School – Getting to know Garick Bay

Tell us about being a Nikon School instructor – what do you love about it?
One thing I definitely love about this role is the opportunity to impart skills to the participants, and to pick up skills from them as well! However, the best part for me is that Nikon School is for anyone.

I enjoy teaching photography, as I enjoy sharing my love of photography to as many people as possible! I also believe that by teaching, it is also a form of reinforcing my own learning. It never stops, and there are many other skills that can be gained through the process.

Is action and sports photography one of your favourite genres?
Definitely. I love action and sports photography, especially in capturing the moment and expressions of athletes as they put in their best, celebrate their victories and the camaraderie displayed between team mates. Being able to immortalise the moment allows the team to look back and re-live the moment, as with how Joseph Schooling’s victory at the 2016 Rio Olympics was immortalised and will go down in history.

Sports has always been in my blood as I have enjoyed playing a multitude of sports since young. This interest in sports has also led me to take up certifications in coaching, increasing my knowledge on the science and art behind sports and sports coaching.

What’s your number one tip for action and sports photography?
There’s no escaping the fact that you need to understand, and perhaps even play the game, to produce good photos. With the combination of your technical photography skills and in-situ analysis of the game and surroundings, you will be able to produce even better photos.

How do you put a unique spin on your action-packed shots?
I like to think out of the box and approach the shot with either a different angle or with some deliberate blurring to depict certain movements.

We understand you’re also a professional wedding photographer. Tell us more about the work you do.
I consider myself lucky to love the profession I am in. Being tasked to tell the story of the wedding couple on their wedding day, the perks of being able to bask in such a joyous affair uplifts my spirits so much that it hardly feels like I am working at all!

To me, wedding photography is the epitome of the art – it encapsulates so many different genres of photography in a day. From capturing the natural smiles and tears, to photographing the couple against a beautiful landscape, you will need to be adept in the different disciplines such as street photography, landscape, and portraiture in order to execute the shots well.

How do you continue learning and improving your photography techniques?
Everyone is encouraged to attend workshops and courses, watch videos online to seek inspiration and experiment with different ideas. Most importantly, stay hungry (for knowledge), stay humble and dare to experiment.

Lastly, what’s in your go-to photography kit?
The Nikon D5 is my current favourite! Blazing fast focusing, coupled with insanely clean high ISO images and not to mention the high frames-per-second gives me the confidence to get every shot that I want, even in less-than-optimal lighting conditions. I love pairing my D5 with the AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G. The focal distance, sharpness of the image produced, speed and accuracy of the focusing makes it the most versatile lens in my kit.

Lastly, I can never leave home without my SB-5000 Speedlight, which has an amazing range. It allows quick setup to make a seemingly boring shot more interesting. Pair that with the WR-R10 and I’m ready for the day.

All martial arts photos featured were taken at Onyx MMA, Singapore.

About Garick

Garick is an accomplished events and wedding photographer who revels in the sheer excitement of being able to capture what the eyes see. Having made the career switch in 2011, Garick now has his own photography company and also conducts rock climbing training for tertiary students.