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Getting up close and personal in capturing everyday moments with the new COOLPIX A1000 and COOLPIX B600

Nikon’s latest COOLPIX digital compact camera duo promises upgraded user experience and image quality in a myriad of shooting situations

SINGAPORE – Everyday photographers and hobbyists alike can look forward to enhanced imaging experiences with the two latest COOLPIX digital compact camera releases from Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd today. Both the COOLPIX A1000 and COOLPIX B600 are high-power-zoom models, delivering high quality still images and movies, superior operability, and versatility across various photography situations from wide-angle to telephoto shots at events and parties, beach and zoo outings, or family holidays.

“These additions to our ever-evolving product line-up exemplify Nikon’s desire to provide an imaging experience that differs from the smart devices, amidst the widespread technological advances we see in consumer products today. Great for the everyday user looking to capture high-quality memories in both stills and videos, the COOLPIX A1000 and COOLPIX B600 promise impressive capabilities suitable for use in any situation,” says Hiroki Yamaoka, General Manager of International Business Division, Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd.

The COOLPIX A1000 has a 35× optical zoom and 70× Dynamic Fine Zoom, achieving the highest zoom ratio in a sophisticated camera body. Its 16-megapixel effective resolution offers high image quality even in dark situations with the optimal balance between high resolution and less noise at high sensitivities, achieving a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400. The compact body also supports movie recording of 4K UHD/30p with wind noise reduction, with the possibility of still images being saved during movie recording.

The COOLPIX B600 is equipped with a 60× optical zoom lens that covers an incredible range of focal length beginning at the wide-angle 24mm1 equivalent and extending to super-telephoto 1440mm equivalent (up to 120×2 zoom is possible when Dynamic Fine Zoom is enabled). With 19 options in the Scene mode, camera settings are optimised for the scene to capture a high-quality image. The extensive creative functions and multifunctional Full HD video capabilities also allow a wide range of imaging possibilities to be realised.

Both the A1000 and the B600 have superb operability making it easy to use anytime, anywhere. A highly accurate pre-focus function (Pre-AF) and a target finding AF automatically achieves sharp focus in zoom or low-lit shooting scenarios. Equipped with Vibration Reduction (VR) to reduce vibration equivalent up to a 3.0-stop3 increase in shutter speed for stills, and a 4-Axis Hybrid VR system for movies, users can achieve images and movies in dark situations or super-telephoto shooting with outstanding sharpness and clarity. Furthermore, in macro mode, both cameras are able to focus on subjects as close as approximately one centimeter (or 0.4 inches) from the center of the front surface of the lens4.

When shooting fast-moving subjects or capturing an image while using super-telephoto zoom, subjects once lost can be recaptured instantly by using the snap-back zoom button, which reverts to its previous position when the button is released. Additionally, a side zoom control on the left-hand side of both the A1000 and B600 camera bodies ensure smooth zooming while holding on securely to the lens barrel – this frees up the right hand to be placed on the shutter release button to never miss a moment.

Compatibility with SnapBridge 2.5 also provides users with more efficient ways to manage their content and stay connected with automatic transfers of high-quality images to a smart device, and remote camera control from a smart device. These compact cameras further support a variety of optional accessories for a rich and diverse imaging expression.

COOLPIX A1000 Primary Features

Capturing the little details from a distance: With the 35× optical zoom and 70× Dynamic Fine Zoom, and a tilting LCD screen that provides greater visibility, the A1000 captures distant subjects at a large size and from any angle. Furthermore, its 16-megapixel effective resolution, maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400 and optical Vibration Reduction with an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 3.0 stops3 faster reduces effects from unintended camera shake. Upon taking the image, RAW (NRW) formats can be processed and edited as you like with Nikon’s free software ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D without any compromise in image quality.

Enabling visual storytelling in all scenarios: Perfect for multimedia shooting, the A1000 supports 4K UHD movie recording, with a maximum length of approximately 11 minutes (at 4K UHD, 2160/30p) and approx. 29 minutes5 (at Full HD, 1080/30 or 25p). During movie recording of for example, a fireworks display, a still image can be saved, and a selected frame displayed after recording with pause function can also be extracted – as such, high-quality images that cannot usually be achieved with high-speed continuous shooting can be obtained. Easy movie-editing of up to 30 seconds in length can be done directly on the Short Movie Show mode, and unnecessary before and after portions can be done immediately after shooting as well. Additionally, the shortened charging time of the body with shooting operation still made possible during battery charging ensures that footage can be continually captured when needed.

Enjoy superior operability in a sophisticated body: With its 1036k-dot, 3-in. TFT LCD monitor that is further enhanced with an anti-reflection coating and a flexible  tilting screen up to 180˚ downwards – enjoy a bright screen that allows clear visibility even in sunlight. Additionally, the sophisticated aluminium body has a multi-function mode dial and a new grip form that fits comfortably in the palm for on-the-go shooting.

COOLPIX B600 Primary Features

Documenting daily moments with an enhanced shooting experience: Getting up close and personal to capture a child in action at a soccer game or the must-see attraction on a family holiday has never been easier with the 60× optical zoom and 120× Dynamic Fine Zoom on the lightweight and compact B600. Documenting those memories can be done more easily with the camera’s super-telephoto capabilities, combined with the snap-back zoom button and side zoom control to ensure a shot is never missed. Its 16-megapixel resolution, dynamic range of up to ISO 6400 sensitivity and optical Vibration Reduction capabilities ensure picturesque perfection regardless of the light conditions.

Unleashing creative possibilities with a variety of in-built functions: Perfect for all kinds of scenes, the B600’s 19 Scene modes ensure that photos and movies are always optimised. Scene modes can either be manually selected, or automatically detected by the camera just by framing the subject. The Multiple Exposure Lighten mode also allows light paths to be captured more easily by automatically compositing the brightest parts of two or more pictures. Always look your best with the Smart Portrait mode’s effects and Glamour Retouch functions. The Full HD multifunctional video capabilities also ensure memories are captured in footage and sound, and instant movie-editing function can be done on the spot during playback.

1 Equivalent focal length in 35mm [135] format

2 At the maximum image size. The maximum zoom ratio varies by image size. Dynamic Fine Zoom refers to the areas in which the camera can zoom while maintaining resolution from the maximum zoom position, and is the combined ratio of optical zoom from the maximum wide-angle position and digital zoom

3 Based on CIPA Standard. At approximately 350 mm (35mm-format equivalent)

4 Macro mode: In the zoom range wider than the △ mark on the zoom indicator shown in the monitor, the camera can focus on subjects as close as approx. 1 cm/0.4 in from the surface of the lens

5 As a basic limitation, the maximum movie recording time (remaining time for a single movie) cannot exceed 29 minutes, even when there is sufficient free space on the memory card. If the amount of movie data is large even when the recording time is within 29 minutes, it will be recorded in multiple files (maximum 4 GB per file)


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